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Duties of safety personnel

The duties of the safety technical advisor refer to the outsoursing of protection and precaution services from a technical consultant to matters such as hygiene and safety measures and procedures of each Enterprise.

The safety technical advisor is required to every business with employees at the offices, site constructions, small and big factories

The duties of the safety technical advisor are fully described at the Articles 6 and 7 of the Law 1568/85 "Hygiene and Safety of Personnel" (F.E.K. - Governments Newspaper 177A of 18.10.85) and also at Articles of the mentioned Laws such as Article 5 of P.D-Presidential Order 17/96 "Measures for for the Safety and hygiene of Personnel during their working time in compliance with EEC direction 89/391 and 91/383 (FEK 11A of 18.01.96).
The minimum working hours are set according to P.D. 294/88  (F.E.K. 13A of 21.06.88) and in condunction with the type of work of each enterprise.
For the category C type of companies which is trading and services the minimum spending time of the safety technical advisor comes from the equation 0,4/number of employees on a yearly basis while a minimum inspection time according to Article 4, paragraph 3 of P.D. 17/96 is:

  • 25 hours for enterprises employing up to 24 people
  • 50 hours for enterprises employing from 21 to 50 people
  • 75 hours for enterprises employing over 50 people
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