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Renewable Energy Resources


2K provides a high level of expertise in the field of Renewable Energy Sources. It offers specialized services in the fields of wind and solar energy as well as heating systems using Biomass. We undertake all required tasks such as designing, developing, manufacturing and maintaining the projects.



Finding a suitable location to place the wind turbines

Installation of wind power capacity measurement instruments

Evaluation of wind measuring using software that analyzes the wind power potential, combined with digital topography of the terrain of the project’s area.

Identification of the type and size of the wind turbines

Application of power curve of the engines in the location of the park

Location of the wind park

Estimated energy production losses

Estimated annual energy production per W/G box.

Draw up of energy studies

Preparing and submitting dossiers for issuing licenses

Review on associating the park with the national utilities for providing energy environmental studies



Finding an installation location for P/V system

Estimated energy efficiency and plan of the panel layout

Equipment supply

System installation

Technical study writing

System monitoring and maintenance



As other alternative ways of heating, 2K suggests biomass pellets as fuel for energy production by providing:


Technical installation study

Equipment supply (central heating systems, heaters)

Transporting the equipment to the installation location

Systems’ installation and maintenance

Biomass fuel supply (pellets)

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