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According to Law N.4014/2011 one cannot sell, transfer or create charges on a property without affirmation of the owner and engineer certificate that says that there is no arbitrary construction on the property. False or inaccurate statements of those involved in a transaction incur severe penalties and engineers may be removed of their license to practice.

The procedure for issuing an Energy Performance Certificate includes the collection of documents illustrating the area and the collection of electrical and mechanical components. The data collected are recorded in the official application of the Technical Chamber of Greece and the energy label of the building is produced.

The importance of the Energy Performance Certificate is to allow a potential buyer or tenant to get the property for sale or rent assessed and to create a clear picture of the cost impacts of the energy management of the building (heating, air conditioning, energy losses).


It becomes immediately obvious that a property with low energy classification will not be as attractive because of excessive energy costs. At this point, especially in the case of an old building, we should consider the energy efficiency upgrade of the building.

Finally, one must keep in mind that the Ministry will tax the property according to its energy identity.

Issuing a building permit includes:


a) Building approval: certification of building right under the terms of layout, allowing the issuance of a building permit.

b) The authorization for the execution of works

Works required for issuing building permit are differentiated by the nature of the work to be performed, the size of the building and its main purpose. The works that accompany a building permit are:

Topographic diagram, printing of the geometries and elevation of the land on which one will construct and the adjacent to this land and buildings.

Architectural Design of the interior and exterior of the building and the landscaping.

Structural design, design of the geometry,  concrete design, seismic design and foundation design. It is among the most demanding studies and the engineer ensures the static safety of the building and protection against earthquakes.

Studying the Energy Efficiency of a Building was recently changed by law. It is the study that ensures the energy efficiency of the building, including any factors which are likely to influence exposure, characteristics and materials of the structure, etc.

Water study is the design of water and hot water supply networks including heating method (oil boiler, electric water heater, boiler fuel gas, solar)

Study of the sanitation, is the design of sewerage and stormwater networks as well as the required mechanical devices,

Study of the heating system is the selection and design of the heating system. It also includes and calculation of thermal losses of the building and determine the design of the heating system.

Study of the air conditioning, is the calculation of the necessary cooling loads of the building during summer and determines the size of the cooling system. This is necessary for every new building.

Study of the elevators.

Study of combustible gas, the design and sizing of the network gas distribution.

Study of passive fire protection, is to design the fire protection of structural elements of the building and determine the necessary escape routes in case of fire.

Study of active fire protection is needed in large buildings, apartment blocks and buildings of various uses depending on the importance, and includes estimating firefighting measures.

Time planning in order to meet a deadline.

Budget planning includes engineering fees.

The cost of Building Permits is determined by the scale of the building and is agreed between the engineer and the owner with a Private Agreement.

The cost of a building permit depends on the type and size of the building, but also by the nature of the works. The cost of a building permit includes: fees of engineers for the studies, contributions to the public and to third bodies and inspection fees.


If you are interested to know the costs for planning permission please contact us today, give us the characteristics of the and an engineer will send you our offer for a total cost of issuing the building permit.

The utilization of a property consists of the creation of a technical team that will cooperate with the customer.


In all cases, the methodology and efficiency is the key. Nothing is done by itself, nor automatically. At some point you should start.


The negative features of the property can be transformed into positive, and create goodwill.


Boldness and customer selection have been proven beneficial for us.


Inspiration and creativity bring results, as well as love for what you do. 

All public and private buildings must have, within 10 years of completion, an electronic identity card, which is a detailed inventory of the building, according to the Ministry of Environment. The building owners will collaborate with an engineer to register all data regarding the building.



This identity card should show any repairs, renovations that require a building permit, even arbitrary areas.


In case of selling the building, the electronic identity must show new data after a new inspection.


For residences, office buildings, hospitals, schools, commercial buildings, periodic monitoring will be done every 10 years, and every eight years for theaters, cinemas, industrial buildings, gas stations and shopping centers, and every 15 years for warehouses and car parks.


According to Deputy Minister Stavros Kalafatis electronic identity will guarantee the safety of buildings, while the state will gain a clear picture of the building.


If some owners do not comply with the legislation, the buildings will be considered arbitrarily and sanctions on arbitrary will be imposed.

All settings and modifications have identical references:


1) TO solve the social problem of holders of arbitrary land which is to sell it


2) Draw a line on illegal construction, putting exhaustive fines and immediate dismantling of any new illegal building.


The Ministry has announced a new law to replace the N4014 / 2011, which will address arbitrarily that could not be settled by Law 4014. These buildings will be called ''NEW GENERATION OF ARBITRARY''

According to the explanatory circular issued by the Ministry, energy performance certificates that are issued by the energy inspectors will classify buildings in energy classes depending on their energy behavior. These certificates must accompany the contracts for the buying or building lease.


The Ministry also announced that the software calculating the energy performance of buildings submitted by the Technical Chamber of Greece is approved. The Ministry evaluated other software made by companies and already approved those performing the energy efficiency of buildings calculations using the calculating software “TEE-KENAK”.

the relevant advertising, Immediately diverts attention: "renovate your home with subsidy which can reach even at 70% of total expenditure" but causes and a series of questions. "Can I take the program for my home?". " banks lend the remaining money?" "Will I have difficulty if find myself faced with the sprockets of the Greek bureaucracy?". It is reasonable to be skeptical about any kind economic opening amid such uncertainty. On the other hand, the economic incentive is very strong. So read the most basic details of the program and take a decision.

What dwellings are considered eligible?
flats, blocks and individual apartments if they meet the following criteria:
They must be located in an area with a price lower zone of EUR 2100 per square meter. In this zone are most areas of the country with the exception of certain expensive suburbs (psixiko, Nea Filothei etc)
be classified under the energy performance certificate- in category below or equal the fourth (D).
There is planning permission or other document showing the legality of the building

which is the subsidy granted?
depends on the income, both the family and the individual. The table summarizes the benefits which are of two kinds:
Subsidy part of the investment with the percentage varies from 15% to 70% and
providing an interest free loan in order to finance the remaining investment (Even the loan is given without encumbrance property by the banks). It is understood that the banks controlling the credit worthiness of the applicant and the possibility to reject applications are open. The loans granted are lasting four or five years.


Income criteria and incentives for joining the program

Personal Income/Year  Lower than 12.000 €

From 12.000 to 40.000 € 

From 40.000 to 60.000 €  

Family Income/Year 

 Lower than 20.000 € From 20.000 to 60.000 €  From 60.000 to 80.000 € annually
 Rate of subsidy  70% 35%  15%
 Percentage of investment covered by subsidised loan  30%  65%  85%
 Interest Subsidy  Subsidy 100% of interest until the end of 2015

Subsidy 100% of interest until the end of 2015 

 Subsidy 100% of interest until the end of 2015



In one of the four banks who cooperate (Alpha, national, Eurobank, Piraeus). Are the banks obliged to respond to the nominee for if it meets the conditions for membership in the system which must be addressed by the person concerned?

What action can be done in the property?
The program is capable of improving the heating system and change the frames, until insulation walls and roof terrace. It is left to the discretion of the owner to decide what action will do in collaboration with the energy inspector. But there is a rule: after the completion of the interventions the energy consumption of the building ones

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