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Our agency, 2k, undertakes the designing of your establishments, meeting the Legislative requirements, preparing the necessary studies and layouts, and completes all procedures in both the competent Municipality for issuing the required license of establishment and operation and all interrelated services (Health Control Department, Fire Department, Urban Planning Department etc).

To replace the license of establishment and operation of a health-regulated establishment when it carries out activities falling outside the scope of service, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 3 of Article 6 of the 10551/2007 (B 246) Joint Ministerial Decision, the following documents shall be submitted to the competent Municipality: a) Application- Declaration by the applicant, b) the projected by the MD 61167/17-12-2007 (GG 2438 B) fee for the event of replacement, c) the specific supporting documents provided for carrying out a specified activity (such as playground operation etc), d) licensing of the party concerned (when required). In the event that the practice of a profession is governed by the provisions of Articles 1, 2 and 3 of Law 3919/2011 (GG 32/A/2-3-2011), instead of a license to practice, it may be required a simple certificate of the competent authority that the party concerned meets all the legal requirements for the practice of the profession, e) solemn declaration of Law 1599/86, stating that: “The sanitary conditions required by statute are being respected and no alteration has occurred to the building of my store which is located at……”

The replacement of the license shall be made within ten (10) days. If the abovementioned period elapses, the license is deemed to have been replaced. The party concerned may request a certificate issuing from the competent Municipality. If one or more activities of the Health Regulated Establishment are suppressed, the replacement of the license is not required. The Health Regulated Establishment must possess a valid fire safety certificate for all ongoing activities. 

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