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Collecting necessary documents

1. Application with full identification of the person concerned (granted by the service).

2. Lease. Or any document to prove ownership or the leasing of immovable property. In order to lease must be obtained by the use of tenure and power. Be endorsed by the competent office.

3. Planning permission. Photo/costume stamped by the address planning of the Municipality.

4. Attestation main use, from the Urban Planning of the Municipality, that all areas of the premises including any loft is legitimate and main use intended for error health interest.

5. Floor Plans 5 of premises and 2 topographical. Will be drawn up by our Technical Office, scale 1:50, will bear a stamp and signature, date, and will be shown therein in detail all premises, the exact dimensions (length-width-height) and destination of each area (kitchen, warehouse, game reviews etc., the area of each area separately, the total surface area of the ad/rename, and the ergonomics of the chamber clients.

-any outdoor venues that will be used for developing tables and chairs and area, stamped by the Urban Office of the respective municipality.

- when the external area belongs to the Municipality and you wish to make use of this, will submit a request to the competent Section and will update the Office authorizations pursuant/of. When it comes to shared space dwelling formal declaration of the administrator and in the absence of the owner, whereas by Regulation of the dwelling permitted the use of, or failing that regulation the majority of residences in same building consent for the development tables and chairs in this area. (generally the use of payphone model space from the error is permitted).

6. Formal declaration of the Administrator of the dwelling or in their absence the owner (endorsed for the genuine signature), which states:

if it is an apartment building or not

if there is a regulation on tenement house that allows or not establishing the premises.

If the owner of the building is one or there are co-owners. In the second case it must be declared if they agree to the creation of premises.

- (no account shall be taken of the consent of the owners pursuant/of and ancillary premises which are housed in the same building).

This declaration is not submitted in the event that the error has been pre-approval decision establishing. 

7. Formal declaration, licensed electricians installation, (endorsed for the genuine signature), which will be indicated and the registration number of the license, and stating that the electrical installation of establishing premises, ensures history the electrification, in accordance with the provisions of N.4485/66

8. Certificate fire department or fire safety certificate (where required). 

9. Responsible statement from the person concerned (endorsed for the genuine signature) for the type of fuel that will be used.

10. Bulletin Police Identity (stamped photo/costume).

11.Book health from Hygiene address (stamped photo/costume). To show the pages with the photo and the details of the holder, and the last visa. Not considered Health booklet the booklet sickness of the person concerned.

12. Sworn statement with the following content: 'The undersigned/signatory …… I have not been convicted by a final judgment for any of the offenses referred to in the provisions of Article 1 paragraph 2 of the AVC. 180/79, as this force". The formal declaration presented only in cases where the gift belongs to the category of entertainment centers and/of tender spirituous beverages

13. Photos four (4) Recent (the person concerned). 

14. Fee (…………) euro which will be paid into the Fund of the Municipality, with a memorandum which will be granted by the office where the supporting documents is complete. (In accordance with the #61167/17-12-07 joint account. Decision depending on the type of message). The fee is not paid if the error has been pre-approval decision establishing.

15. Attestation Economic Tax Authorities to start to practice the profession.

16. Municipal awareness by the office 4 of the municipality recent evidence of the PPC of premises.

17. For Company:

Coded company statute in FEK FOR AE OR EPE, or endorsed by the Court of First Instance for the unlimited liability or European Union definition of belonging controller by the representative of the company in the event that is a different person, and declaration acceptance by the designated. 

Police identity (photo/costume stamped) all partners, and for A.E. - OPS et seq. of the members of the Management Board

health booklet (photo/costume stamped) of representative and of the states where working in error.

Criminal records, as the case 12. The members of the Management Board, the representative of the company and of belonging controller when going for a.E. OR OPS et seq. and all the unlimited partners when it comes to unlimited liability or European Union police identities of the members of the Management Board for the S.A. AND OPS et seq., and for the personal companies of its members.

18. Attestation traffic connection: Attestation of competent technical service of PC USES GIPS CONTRIBUTE TOWARD A. That work connecting traffic carried out fully and in accordance with the approved plans or that do not require traffic link these with the main and secondary national network, as the provincial (address technical services of the region), outside the limits approved projects cities or residential areas (Articles 24 and 32 R.D. 465/70 and N 118/2006).

19. If the error is to operate in an area Archaeological Area, approval of the competent requires Byzantine Antiquities.

- for the ad/will make use musical instruments by interested parties to seek from our Service form for the grant of a license.

- The shops health interest has been applying the N. 3868/2010 for total prohibition of smoking in accordance with which the owners of these establishments should keep within the shop Reference Manual. This book is 100 sheets, striped, striped with thick cover, numbered (the numbering will be made by the person concerned) and endorsed by the licensed authority. The PPP/wn which will be provided by the person concerned for the endorsement of the workshop reference is: Photo/costume license establishment and operation and zero cash proof of colas. The non-compliance with reference book constitutes an infringement.

- in accordance with the provisions of the nevertheless .3 Article 9 of N.1491/84 and account No. 95718/3/31-1-86 (FEK 24 sq WWII redevelopment) Decision of HP INT., Financial Order and trade, inscriptions of flat/of are written mandatory in the Greek language. May additionally copying beside or under the Greek legend, foreign language translation with noticeably smaller date.

The person concerned shall together with the supporting documents to produce and a folder with vanes.


1. For foreigners: 

When the person concerned is alien required residence permit for an independent economic activity, if it is a national non-Member State of the EU or special identity homogeneous or consular visas for repatriation for expatriates or a residence permit for nationals of Member States of the EU

2. For entertainment centers under 200 seats:

- sworn statement mechanical engineer for the effectiveness of the acoustic unit and that it meets the conditions of a5/3010/85 PS. Select Layout

- sworn statement mechanical engineer for the effectiveness of engineering plant artificial ventilation 

- Formal declaration mechanical engineer and electricians for safe electricity.

- sheet for noise from the corresponding address health.

- a license.OPS I. or self-government.

- Parking cars reviews at a ratio of 1:6 which will be shown on a diagram manual in five (5) copies, which would seem the number of parking positions at the site in question as well as the distance from the shop in which cannot be greater than 100 meters

- Title of parking space or lease contract.


3. For butchers:

- certificate of professional competence butcher (e.g. N468/90 FEK 180/A/20-12-90) from the corresponding address veterinary or the Ministry of Agriculture.

- responsible statement from the person concerned that does not use the certificate of professional competence for the operation of another premises

And in this case it may be licensed establishment and operation to a natural or legal person with the conditions referred to in the next case.

4. For beauty parlors-salons - shops pampering hands and feet (manicure - pedicure:

- License profession barber or hairdresser or fitter pampering hands and feet from the corresponding address health (e.g. N 148/94 FEK 99/A/4-7-94 and N.E.C. 133/2005 FEK-8-05 193/2). Licensed establishment and operation barber's comb or hairdressing or pampering hands and feet, shall also be granted to a natural person non-holder of a profession or a legal person, provided that the natural or legal person employ personnel with professional license corresponding to the type of message for which license is requested (a beautician or barber or beauty treatments hands - feet). The above attested by a certified photo/fu of authorization to pursue the occupation of the above and recruitment card of the OAED. Also: (a)responsible statement from the person concerned which will show the particulars of the hairdressers or fitter pampering hands and feet to provide services in hairdressing salon and that in the event of withdrawal of the hairdressers or fitter pampering hands & feet will inform our service. (b) Declaration of the holder of the authorization to practice the profession that it does not intend to use the license to practice the profession for the authorization of another ad/rename, and in the event of his retirement will keep the room. (c) identity (stamped photo/costume). (d) Book Health (stamped photo/costume) 

5. For open bar (open bar)

IN ACCORDANCE WITH A1/4162/19-5-92 FEK 367/sq.B/5-6-92 Y. 469the open bar must meet the following conditions:

- to operate in building standing construction or prefabricated dismantled homes relying on a stable basis of concrete and will meet the terms and conditions of urban legislation. (presented certificate of town planning).

- the building will be appropriately configured up to one (1) Measure height, perimeter closed construction (glazing etc.), which shall be placed in an acceptable way and will be closed during the hours will not operate the printer to ensure the avoidance entry therein animals, rodents, dust etc.

are not allowed to be operated open bar their surroundings viii. entertainment centers.

The use music permitted but in accordance with the procedures laid down in the relevant articles of the A1b/8577/83 AND A5/3010/85 PS. D/transactions.

6. For pantries nursing facilities Legal persons governed by public or private law. (not required pre-approval decision establishing).

The license establishment and operation of the above canteens granted after the acquisition of the necessary authorization feasibility study, (which shall be issued by the prefect or other authority), in accordance with Article 6 par.3 subparagraph B΄ of A1B/8577/83 PS. Select Layout, Article 42 par.3 approx. e paragraph 4 of the same PS. Select Layout.

7. For canteens in school complexes and public buildings. (not required pre-approval decision establishing).

If you do not have planning permission required certificate from the address technical services of the Region (Marco Mousourou no. 15) together with four floor plans canteen, that was erected with approved study of this Service, meets the conditions structural and Static competence and this luggage, built for ΚΥΛΙΚΕΙΟ.

8. For ad/the sale domesticated animals or cage paradisiacal birds.

- study or technical report Mechanical Engineer for soundproofing, drawn up in accordance with the A1b/8181/86 PS. Select Layout, (Article 18) which says: there should be fully soundproofed, such that the noise level, which will be caused by the animals or birds, measured on the nearest residence should not exceed 30 DCA, since this is purely for urban areas and the 35 DCE, since it is for urban areas and industrial activity.

- Formal declaration of mechanical engineer that the above study was carried out.

9. For Funeral Services:

- in the diagrams to be presented, will indicate the distances from hospital or clinic because: prohibited the establishment and operation of Funeral Services or warehouses-covered coffins at a distance of less than 100 measures pursuant to straight line measured from the nearest exterior point of precinct hospital or clinic any specialty. When there is no precinct in hospital or clinic the distance between these buildings and similar of the above undertakings will be at least 150 meters. (PC 4692706/20-3-83 FEK 230/B/28-4-83).More information on the conditions of establishment and operation Office Ceremonies, and warehouses-covered coffins, referred to in the foregoing PS. D/dried, to ask the service. (SQ B΄ p. I-18 until I-20).

10. For outdoor entertainment centers.

- a certificate of urban infrastructure (58535/16-6-92 document. Interior and 33758/29-6-93 common note pc.E .&amp? D. etc.) that: the distance from the nearest legal residence, hotels, temples, schools and general installation that requires special protection, is at least 300 measures in a straight line.


C. Prohibitions

in cases where no license is:

1. For those who have not yet completed the 18 years of age.

2. To those who have been convicted by a final judgment of resistance, conspiracy and association, offenses of Chapter I΄ the penal code referred to in war on the currency, sheltering war criminal, glossing over offenses, offenses of chapter ic΄ the penal code listed to commonly dangerous crimes homicide intentionally, bodily harm intentionally, laid down by a Articles 309, 310 and 311 of the FMO K, kidnapping, kidnapping minor, theft, robbery, wear challenge the common sense (Article 384 a of the CC) and extortion, fraud, acceptance and disposal of the proceeds of crime, infringements of the provisions on arms, explosives and explosives machines, infringements of the laws drugs offenses or minor offenses listed in Chapters of e.g. Messrs on high treason and betrayal of the country or other relevant laws and for any crime on Of morality.

There is an impediment if the person concerned has been convicted by a final judgment of the foregoing offenses and has passed five years from the serving or the cancellation of the penalty or release this with thanks unless the Haris Kurds trips elimination of consequences.

3. Thus/the type bar when the distance is under 50 meters from the entrance schools of primary and secondary education and sacred Temples. (281/96 Decision of the Municipal Council Heraklion).

4. In the who have reached their illegally employed areas (lawns, courtyards etc.).

Note :

The Affidavits should be from the Article 8 of N.1599/1986, certified for the authenticity of the signature.

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