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Under the new health provision MD Y1g/G.P/ oik. 96967/8-10-2012 it is REQUIRED: to illustrate on the drawings of the engineer’s plan views the layout of all the spaces, the formation and the equipment, as well as a detailed flowchart of the business’s activity (i.e. the flow of raw materials from the instant of entering the company until the product’s release) which shall be verified during monitoring and finally, the seated customers’ area. The flowcharts match the coexistent categories and activities. Food business operators establish, apply and maintain a standardized procedure or procedures based on the HACCP principles (Circular 2, Ref.No. Y1g/G.P/oik4476). HOWEVER, the flowchart is not something standardized. It is exclusively created as required by the manufacturing process of each company, regardless of its category. The interview with the client and the step-by-step recording of the business’s needs enable our team to offer and to realize a functional flowchart which will include a detailed notation of: 

  • Incoming material (raw materials, main & auxiliary),
  • Outgoing material (final product, packaging type and required storage conditions),
  • Processing times and all measurable parameters (e.g. pH, viscosity, water activity, total residual chlorine) critical control points CCP or OPRP),
  • Depicting in which room each step and procedure takes place,

it should be clear that while planning the production process, the structural and architectural design of the facilities have been taken seriously into account and all necessary measures to prevent contamination of the final product from the raw materials have been taken. The best scenario of a flowchart creation is for it to be incorporated into the company’s architectural design (e.g. plan view diagram), so that when studying the flowchart along with the plan view diagram, having in mind in which room every step of the production process takes place, we can proceed to the next step which is the confirmation of the operation. To facilitate the verification, it is advisable to present along with the flowchart a technical report of the operations depicted in it. 

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