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Energy and Architecture Interior Layout



In the Study Project which is carried out in three phases, the Concept Development of the Study, the Preliminary Study and the Final Design, the following activities are being conducted:

  1. A.  Concept Development of the Study
  • In the event that there is no architectural plan view/ elevation of the building’s current situation, mapping of the space shall be made and the existing morphological condition shall be clearly defined
  • Creation and development of ideas in order to identify study proposals that meet the project’s objectives
  • These study proposals, which specify building material and space equipment, is the basis of the preliminary study
  1. B.  Preliminary Study
  • Plan view layout proposal, based on the functionality of the space
  • Reflected ceiling lining plan proposal, based on the morphology of the space
  • Modification prospects proposal
  • The client’s views on the preliminary study are supported, processed and adjusted in order to create a specific design solution within a context of aesthetics and space quality
  • The preliminary study is the basis on which the final design lies
  1. C.  Final Design

Interior Design Layout

  • The proposed plan view of the interior design layout adapts to a final specific design solution and includes floorplanning with layout and dimensioning of furniture and other items of interior equipment, special constructions, masonry filling and other structural elements, heating appliances and air conditioning systems.

Interior Design Configuration

  • Final design of structural elements (fireplaces, built-in furniture, plasterboard items etc)
  • Final design of special constructions (fixtures, wall and mobile furniture, staircases, internal door-casings, railings etc)
  • Final design of ceiling linings (plasterboard lining, wood paneling, etc)
  • Wall covering design (boiseries, masonry, plaster decorative, wood paneling, etc)
  • Floor covering design (tiles, marble etc)
  • Kitchen design (special constructions’ design)
  • Bathroom design/WC (special constructions’ design)
  • Lighting study
  • Specification of the electrical and plumbing installation positions

Specification of the multimedia, communication, automation and security systems’ position

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