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Listed Buidings



Regarding listed buildings, 2k undertakes the arrangement of the processes, facilitating the procedures of the competent agencies and consultants and promoting their cooperation.

The procedure of restoring a listed building is as follows:  

  • Submission of portfolio to the urban planning department to check if it is complete and if it complies with the General Building Regulation.
  • The portfolio includes three copies from each of the following: a case study with complete data (mapping, photographic – design), technical reports, repair proposal, explanatory report, intervention description report, detailed technical drawings and plan elevations.
  • Then the portfolio is assessed by the competent Urban Planning and Architecture Committee and they produce a report with their suggested ideas. Thereafter, the completed portfolio is directed to the YPEKA in order to get approval and then it is send back to the urban planning department where a building permit will be issued. 
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