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Bioclimatic Permanent Residence Building Design



In the light of energy benefits and optimum efficiency, 2k applies bioclimatic design in buildings and open-air spaces (environmental resources utilization, natural lighting and cooling techniques) and incorporates the RUE/RES system.

The energy performance of a building is determined by dynamic analysis and simulation tools, in order to probe the best way to construct and calculate the energy performance of the shell, both qualitatively (thermal and visual comfort) and quantitatively (energy conservation for heating, cooling and lighting).

More specifically, we conduct studies on:

  • Energy and bioclimatic design of buildings and conurbations by natural resources utilization, passive solar system integration (passive heating), natural cooling techniques (passive cooling), and natural lighting techniques.
  • Energy efficiency of buildings and construction products (material and systems).
  • Floorplanning, surrounding space and microclimate design.
  • The importance of integrated energy saving systems, rational use of energy and Renewable Energy Sources.
  • Monitoring the efficiency and operation of energy systems and the applicability of energy technologies in buildings that record energy use of existing buildings with energy audits at the shell and E/M installations. 
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