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Retaining structures



The majority of the constructions designed and built in Greece until the late 70s were made from reinforced concrete. A significant number of these buildings have suffered damages during earthquakes. The physical deterioration sustained by a structure over time when there is no provision for proper maintenance results in reduced strength of the structure due to seismic loads. As a result, a gradually increasing number of existing constructions requires modification for undertaking seismic loads. For most constructions, depending on the redesigning goals set by the client and the law, various alternative strategies and intervention systems may lead to acceptable solutions.

The initial stage of any action is to evaluate the existing structure. Before adopting a particular strategy, the Engineer should evaluate whether it is practicable and in collaboration with the developer to choose a strategy or combination of strategies as the optimal solution. This is possible only by setting a standard of assessment and evaluation of the existing structures. A series of standards concerning all aspects of the process are set by the Interventions Regulation.

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