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Settlement of Building Excess



The provision of L.3843/2010 which provides the opportunity to legalize semi-open spaces and other excess in constructions includes:

  • Maintaining the new use of your property for 40 years
  • Ability to connect  with utility networks
  • Exemption from any past taxes
  • Enabling legal transfer of the property

Areas covered by the regulation

The areas that are entitled to the regulation are the ones that their license was issued or revised by 2.7.2009. The provisions of L.3843/10 only concern areas that have resulted from excess building construction  and change of use within the contour of the approved and lawfully existing building, such as semi-outdoor spaces, lofts, attics,  basements, electrical installations, architectural projections etc. Offences that fall outside of the volume of the building, such as roofs, enclosed balconies, pergolas etc. are not eligible. 

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