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Issuing of energy performance certificate



Certified energy inspectors from our office (Registered at the Ministry of Environment), undertake energy inspection of your establishments, issuing energy performance certificates and registering your establishments in the records of the Ministry.

Under the current law, since January 10th, 2011 Energy Performance Certificates are mandatory for real estate transactions of over 50 sq.m., and since June 2011 it has also become mandatory for leases.

Based on the inspection results, properties are categorized into levels of energy efficiency depending on the assessment of their energy consumption for covering the needs of heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation, etc. Furthermore, solutions are suggested in order to reduce energy consumption.


The documents required for the Certificate are:

Owner’s full information. (TIN, address etc)

National Cadastre Code Number (NCCN). (In cases where the building has been included in the National Cadastre)

Architectural drawings. (Plan view, height of the space)

Electromechanical plans and thermal insulation studies, if available.

Topographic chart.

Building permit.

Information on the existence of solar mirrors. (Solar water heater - square meters).

Information on any air conditioning units. (Power and wear).

Information on the availability of electric water heater or boiler.

Information on fireplaces.

Information about the power of the boiler or maintenance sheet and regulation of the central heating the last three years (boiler maintenance, central heating etc).

Information about the type of frames (single, double, wooden, aluminum, etc.).

Image of the building where the property is distinguished.

Any further information regarding the heating, or cooling of the space. 

Contract or recommendation, concerning the site, in order to calculate the overall surface. 


In the event that there are no technical drawings, topographers should survey the area.


 The cost of issuing an E.P.C. is limited to the minimum legal fee established by the state. Below is an analysis in accordance with the use of space and its surface.



Buildings or parts of buildings - non-residential


space to 1000.00 sq.m. → 2,50 € / m² (Minimum fee 300,00 €)

space greater than 1000.00 sq.m.                    a. For the first 1000,00 sq.m. → 2,50 € / m²

                                                                  b for the remaining m → 1,50 € / sq.m


 Buildings or parts of buildings - residential use


A. Review the entire building (building) → 1,00 € / m² (Minimum fee 200,00 €)

B. Inspection parts building (building) → 2,00 € / m² (Minimum fee 150,00 €)

G. Inspection in house → 1,50 € / m² (Minimum fee 200,00 €)

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