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27 Jul

CLLD-LEADER 2014-2020

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For investors and in particular the investors in Cyclades

  • The procedure for the investment programs relating to the CLLD-LEADER DEFINED BY THE LAG (Local Action Groups) of each region.
  • In September or October will be finalized by the Local Action Groups which will submit folders to assume the Leader program and therefore investments.
  • The envelopes consist of folders (Final delivery date 20/7/2016) and b who should be delivered to mid-September. These files do not relate directly to the investors only the Local Action Groups.


  • But indirectly during the procedure for the submission of the dossier B will be held for various consultations/workshops with a view to expressions of interest of investors.
  • It is legitimate during this investors to participate in these workshops in order to demonstrate the necessity of their investment.
  • Alternatively, if there is the possibility that investors will complement the template for expressions of interest on the website of the Development Company of Cyclades and specifically in the online website Http://www.e-cyclades.gr/index.php/86-general/145-clld-kyklades-protaseis.
  • The above actions give an advantage to investors to take the desired amount on the basis of the Leader program.
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