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10 Oct
Posted by Super User

The key word here is "reinvent". We have a classic site known for years in Kifisia as the patisserie saga. This site has created its own aesthetic, has its own life. The concept is to take this personality and to adapt it to today. To make something fresh something equally unique which will maintain the warmth of the space and will open up new horizons. Thus showed the J . Materials robust, to know that this is something that will keep forever, metal, wood, glass. Touches of modern materials and red because it is an area of contrasts, as the personalities who want to shoot. In this background added industrial touches and underground elements. the decor was maintained at minimal levels, the superb quality of materials is that we need to become the designated by the natural lighting.

The result is the ultimate vindication. A cozy space, temporal aesthetics with air of today.

The study fire safety and the authorization health interest was made from the 2K.

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