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08 Mar
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he first electronic platform through which the engineers, pursuant to command of their customers will be able to submit studies and to manage from their office around the folder on a customer will begin to operate the next December in the wake building of the municipality of Athens, then in Thessaloniki municipality and until the end of the first two months of 2014 to all services building of the country.

The new procedure means and the abolition of the well-known to all of us "sachet" to regularize or termination of any procedures, as well as most declines the physical presence. The audit of planning will be available from the network for the verification of the data, the position of the building on the map by granting relevant approvals or clicking any comments. Throughout the procedure takes place via computer and will be governed by a specific timetable. What engineers need are a computer, one Internet connection and passwords in the system, as happens respectively with the arbitrarily.
"We are the first to make use of a tool for modernization and upgrade of services offered to the citizen", pointed out yesterday the Athens mayor, George Kaminis, noting that thanks to the work realized the TBT Agreement will save costs, time and staff in the respective services so as to be employed in other substantial work, such as checking the arbitrary building.

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