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28 Mar

Grants Program ECAC 2014 - 2020

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These are the 4 programs which are expected to begin with the ECAC 2014 - 2020. Details will have until mid-November, when and probably will begin and the submissions.






Maximum Budget 

Eligible costs 






Strengthening Tourism Enterprises for modernization and the qualitative improvement of services




Modernization, qualitative improvement and enrichment of the quality products and services of existing very small and small enterprises (up to 50 employees and turnover of less than EUR 50 million) of tourism in order to improve their position in the internal and international tourism market 






Existing micro and small enterprises operating exclusively on tourism.







300.000 € (50% aid) 

  1. Modernization and qualitative improvement of buildings and other infrastructure
  2. interventions energy saving / water
  3. interventions enrichment of donated product with new services (extension to alternative forms, interventions for disabled guests, etc.)
  4. certifications infrastructures and services
  5. view -- promotion of enterprises in target markets
  6. consultancy fees
  7. wage costs existing or new personnel


Upgrade very small and small existing companies with the development of skills to new markets

reinforce existing Very Small, Small and Medium-sized businesses operating in the eight (8) strategic priority areas of the new ECAC 2014-2020: Supply Chain (logistics), Αγροδιατροφή / Food Industry, cultural and creative industries (ΠΔΒ), materials / Constructions, Energy, Environment, Information and Communication Technologies ICT and health.

Existing Very Small, Small and Medium-sized enterprises which operate in eight (8) strategic priority areas of the new ECAC 2014-2020: Supply Chain (logistics), Αγροδιατροφή / Food Industry, cultural and creative industries (ΠΔΒ), materials / Constructions, Energy, Environment, Information and Communication Technologies ICT and health. 




300.000 € (50% aid) 

  1. Premises, 
  2. Machinery, 
  3. certification - redesign functions,
  4. rights expertise, 
  5. expenditure technological upgrading,
  6. software and configure,
  7. expansion into new markets, 
  8. Promotion and advertising, 
  9. recruitment of personnel



Strengthening of self-employment Graduates Higher Education

Aid graduates higher education, over 25 years, unemployed or professions for the exercise of a professional activity associated with the specialist knowledge. Strengthening of employment by creating new jobs

graduates GNI-Teis over 25 years unemployed or natural persons who carry out their professional activity without having an employer-employee relationship, to strengthen individual enterprises in activity associated with the specialist knowledge.



25.000 € (100% aid) 

  1. Professional equipment
  2. operating costs (rents professional space insurance contributions, expenditure sgis)
  3. expenditure projection and networking
  4. costs paid employment (in case of recruitment employee)
  5. Third party fees 
  6. General Equipment 




Strengthening New Entrants


Strengthening the development of new healthy entrants which will be linked directly with the creation of new jobs. The program aims to create very small and small, new, viable enterprises with emphasis on innovative projects as well as the strengthening of employment with the recruitment at least one person.

Natural persons over 25 years at the time of submission of the application:

  1. It is unemployed persons registered as unemployed the OAED or
  2. pursuing a professional or trade activity without having an employer-employee relationship.

Recipients sectors: Αγροδιατροφή, Energy, cultural and creative industries, supply chain, environment, information and communications technologies (ICT), Health - Medicines, materials and construction. 




50.000 € (100% aid) 

  1. Productive equipment
  2. operating costs (rents professional space insurance contributions, expenditure sgis 
  3. expenditure projection and networking
  4. costs paid employment (in case of recruitment employee)
  5. Third party fees
  6. General Equipment


 Other programs ECAC


Signed by the Minister for rural development and food, Mr correspondent Athanassios Tsaftaris decision certifying bodies assisted for the submission of applications for IACS by farmers. In accordance with what makes known communication of ΥπΑΑΤ gates submission of applications this year reach the 239 while each beneficiary may submit electronically only of the IACS declaration through the information system of the ΟΠΕΚΕΠΕ. Already during the first five days their operating system requested and received codes for submission on-line applications IACS 1.187 beneficiaries in the majority of young farmers.

"With the completion of the preparations and the signature of the certification decision, this procedure is no longer open, i.e. bodies governed by public or private law can supplement the requests submitted by the farmers in the OPEKEPE, subject to the following conditions: 

  1. Have the appropriate technical equipment
  2. feature the corresponding manpower and
  3. certified", the statement said.

And adds: "The ΟΠΕΚΕΠΕ with command of ΥπΑΑΤ made the necessary procedures of the evaluation for the certification of operators. The conditions were with criteria that will ensure the secure electronic access to the system for submission of applications and to avoid problems resulting from the need to deposit additional supporting documentation submitted by the farmers. The work of the receipt of aid applications is an extremely cumbersome and complex project. Requires expertise and experience on issues relating to rural aid and sufficient knowledge of rural areas, in order to make easy and αρτιότερος locating and digitizing approximately 6 million parcels for 750,000 farmers. But thanks to the logistical infrastructure that has developed and develops the ΥπΑΑΤ AND ΟΠΕΚΕΠΕ this procedure is digitized 100% significantly reducing the cost for the activation of the farmers and the administrative burden of services".

With the signing of the Ministerial decision taking in principle certification several πρωτοβάθμιοι cooperatives and producer groups (regions, individual farmers) and associations and shapes individual geotechnical or associations. Overall i would operate 239 points for submission of applications (gates) for the year 2014 over 60 about who worked in 2013.

  • All the recipients of the aid can be freely choose someone from certified entities, regardless if some time someone authorized body for the collection of their application.
  • The certification bodies are not ends in 2014. On the basis of the procedure may and other entities to be certified as a and b' grade and years (until 2020).
  • Certified operators are evaluated and checked for the services they offer and the certification will be revoked if it is established that they do not properly fulfill their tasks.

To celebrate the completion of the procedure and the submission of raw applications IACS 2014 Minister Rural Development and food, Mr Athanasios Tsaftaris made the following statement. "The opening of digital bases of the ministry will continue and in other sectors, so that integrated digital services to be available to farmers and to those involved in the primary sector in our country. Our aim is to simplify the procedures and the reduction of bureaucracy and costs. In the context of the e-YPAAT from 23.3.2014 is available on Website of YPAAT, and website of the integrated system for monitoring and management of fisheries (ΟΣΠΑ) www.alieia.minagric.gr , which would facilitate the implementation of the new CFP and the compliance of our country in the Community obligations. The creation of the electronic platform of ΟΣΠΑ, comes as a result of the effort that we have in YPAAT, for digital upgrading of the Ministry and the services they provide to their citizens.

Via broadband we are promoting, even in the most remote island regions (the so-called white areas), interested citizens (fishermen, traders, etc.) will be able through the system to submit electronic applications, while there will be special secure part, accessible to the public for dialog with the European Union.

By leveraging resources of ECAC, the ΥPAAT, implement actions with a view to radical upgrading and modernization of services to citizens, producers, traders, consumers in the form of one-stop-shop. All these systems will be combined with the digital map, i.e. with the information of the parcel identification system (LPIS), which will make the digital systems of the Ministry, most useful".

Source: Agrotypos.gr

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