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Question 9. How can I get a subsidy from the state to renovate my home

the relevant advertising, Immediately diverts attention: "renovate your home with subsidy which can reach even at 70% of total expenditure" but causes and a series of questions. "Can I take the program for my home?". " banks lend the remaining money?" "Will I have difficulty if find myself faced with the sprockets of the Greek bureaucracy?". It is reasonable to be skeptical about any kind economic opening amid such uncertainty. On the other hand, the economic incentive is very strong. So read the most basic details of the program and take a decision.

What dwellings are considered eligible?
flats, blocks and individual apartments if they meet the following criteria:
They must be located in an area with a price lower zone of EUR 2100 per square meter. In this zone are most areas of the country with the exception of certain expensive suburbs (psixiko, Nea Filothei etc)
be classified under the energy performance certificate- in category below or equal the fourth (D).
There is planning permission or other document showing the legality of the building

which is the subsidy granted?
depends on the income, both the family and the individual. The table summarizes the benefits which are of two kinds:
Subsidy part of the investment with the percentage varies from 15% to 70% and
providing an interest free loan in order to finance the remaining investment (Even the loan is given without encumbrance property by the banks). It is understood that the banks controlling the credit worthiness of the applicant and the possibility to reject applications are open. The loans granted are lasting four or five years.


Income criteria and incentives for joining the program

Personal Income/Year  Lower than 12.000 €

From 12.000 to 40.000 € 

From 40.000 to 60.000 €  

Family Income/Year 

 Lower than 20.000 € From 20.000 to 60.000 €  From 60.000 to 80.000 € annually
 Rate of subsidy  70% 35%  15%
 Percentage of investment covered by subsidised loan  30%  65%  85%
 Interest Subsidy  Subsidy 100% of interest until the end of 2015

Subsidy 100% of interest until the end of 2015 

 Subsidy 100% of interest until the end of 2015



In one of the four banks who cooperate (Alpha, national, Eurobank, Piraeus). Are the banks obliged to respond to the nominee for if it meets the conditions for membership in the system which must be addressed by the person concerned?

What action can be done in the property?
The program is capable of improving the heating system and change the frames, until insulation walls and roof terrace. It is left to the discretion of the owner to decide what action will do in collaboration with the energy inspector. But there is a rule: after the completion of the interventions the energy consumption of the building ones

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